Spring Board (American Light)

ABV:4.2 IBU:11 SRM:4
Springboard is a Blonde Ale with a light malty sweetness and a clean finish. The delicate, floral attributes of the old-world German hops create a perfect summer thirst quencher.

"Springboard" is named for being a great poolside beer and as an entry into craft beer drinking. Jump in!


Black Toro

ABV:5.6 IBU:25 SRM:36

Black Toro is a sweet stout with a hint of coffee and biscuit flavor. Lactose is added to provide a slightly sweet and silky finish. English hops balance the body making this an easy drinking stout for any time of year.

Black Toro was named by a one of our friends who felt it was a great blend of American and Mexican cultures


Ali's Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

ABV:4.7 IBU:41 SRM: 7
This beer was crafted for and named after one of our daughters who loves craft pale ales. Ali's has an amber color and mild malt body that really showcases the Cascade hops. Cascade generates a piney resinous bitterness with a hint of citrus in the dry finish.

This beer was inspired by one of our daughters who loves craft beer but needed a slightly lower ABV.


Red Truck IPA

(American IPA)

ABV:7.2 IBU:87 SRM:11
Red Truck is a traditional American IPA that gets its amber color and medium body from American 2 row and caramel malts. A hefty dose of Centennial hops gives this beer a big bitterness and late additions yield a balanced dry finish.

"Red Truck" is named after the 1973 International Scout II truck Tom drove in high school. Take this truck for a spin.



(Hoppy IPA)

ABV:6.9 IBU:77 SRM:9

Knucklehead is one of our Land Locked Hoppy IPA beers. Brewed with wheat, oats and Lactose (milk sugar) for a big smooth mouth feel and finish. Hefty doses of Citra and Azzacca hops make this a hoppy treat.

Pumpkin Head.jpg

Praire Dog
(American Brown)

ABV: 5 IBU: 43 SRM: 25

Prairie Dog is an American Brown ale brewed with Caramel, Chocolate and Victory malts for a moderate malty flavor. Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hops give the aroma and hop flavor to make this an American take on a classic Brown ale style.


Vanilla Porter.jpg

Vanilla Porter

(Robust Porter)

ABV: 5.7 IBU: 38 SRM: 29

This is a porter in the classic style finished with Madagascar whole vanilla beans in the fermenter for a sweet finish to a robust porter.


German Spectacle (Weizenbock)

ABV:7 IBU:20 SRM:7

A Weizenbock that gets its soft bready body from equal parts wheat and Vienna malts. Notes of clove and banana are balanced with the Hallertauer hops. At 7% ABV, be careful or you might make a German Spectacle of yourself !